The Final Mix is a brand new radio podcast poised to explode onto computers and throughout the internet, delivering the latest and greatest information on the music industry and self-promotion. Created by John Mahoney, CEO of the already popular, but continuously growing, "The Final Mix" will tap into everything from current artists to label professionals in order to provide great content in an entertaining and educational format.

Joining Mahoney will be Mickey Finn, the legendary frontman from glam punk behemoth, Jetboy, and the leader of a brand new Southern California psychobilly sensation, Cold Blue Rebels. The pair will team up for a weekly one hour program, with special guests featured on each installment of the show. Listeners should expect music industry insiders such as A&R representatives, journalists, managers, booking agents, producers, and of course, current successful artists. By going after the absolute best in A-list professionals and performers, "The Final Mix" will secure great talent for listeners from coast to coast.

The hosts will cover a variety of topics during their weekly segment, including music news, gossip, technology, new releases, and the consistently evolving nature of the business. Listeners will also have the opportunity to call in, ask questions, and initiate discussions with the hosts for advice or details on many unique aspects of the industry.

Other components will include "Hottest Unsigned Band," where Mahoney and Finn will spin tracks from up and coming bands, and talk about their buzz and attention from prospective record labels. "Smash or Trash" is another interactive piece of the program, allowing listeners to comment and vote on signed bands from major labels..

Mahoney brings his considerable experience to the table as part owner of 4:20 Records and significant roles with major labels such as Columbia, Epic, and Arista, as well as a publicist position for former punk rock legends, Bad Brains. His website,, is one of the premier tools for aspiring artists wishing to take their music to the next level, and continues to attract attention and positive testimonies from famous musicians and indiustry insiders around the world. Expect "The Music Business Show" to debut in March 2011 via internet radio podcast. Tune in to find out all of the latest news, and be prepared for excellent guests as well as plenty of interesting surprises along the way.